Noteful app specifications

Type of appHandwriting note-taking app
Age Rating4+
DeveloperNoteful Technologies Ltd
Privacy policy
App support
App PrivacyData linked to you: usage data, diagnostics
Data not linked to you: none
Supported OS– iPadOS 14.3 or later
– iOS 14.3 or later
– macOS 11.15 or later & Apple M1 chip or later
Price$4.99, one-time purchase
– Free trial
Size70.5 MB
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese
Storage Used1.49 GB for 59 notebooks
Organisation– Folders: infinite levels
– Universal tags: infinite levels
User Interface– Minimalist: one toolbar, mobile
– Separate tabs & toolbar
PagesSizes: A5-A3, letter, legal and tabloid, 16:9 & 4:3 for presentations
Orientation: portrait & landscape
Colours: white, black & yellow
Templates: Basics, Storyboards & Music
– Use custom templates
– Proper page rotation
– Excellent page editing options
Writing tools– Vector ink
Type: ballpoint, fountain, brush pens
Sizes: 0.10 – 5.0mm
– No opacity options
Colours: unlimited on the toolbar
– No favourites toolbar
Zoom toolNone
TextInput: Keyboard, Scribble
– Type in text boxes
– Many fonts & colours
– Supports custom fonts
Text alignment: left, right, centre; top, middle, bottom
Format: bold, italic & underline
– Save 1 text box style
– No line spacing options
Highlighter– Behind the ink
Type: unknown
Sizes: 1.0 – 10.0mm
– No opacity options
Colours: unlimited on the toolbar
Eraser– Per stroke/pixel
– Erase highlighter only
Sizes: 5, fixed
– Auto-deselection
– Erase shapes only
Lasso tool– Selects handwriting/highlights/text boxes/images & shapes only
– Selects any combination of the above mentioned
– Cut, copy, delete
Style: changes colour, stroke type & pen thickness
– Does not convert handwriting to text
– Move selection to different page layers
Items added to notes– Audio recordings synced to notes
– Images
– Tags
Shapes– Regular & irregular shapes, curves, curved arrows
– Modify shapes after you have drawn them
Style: changes stroke type, border size, colour
– Resize & rotate
– Has opacity options
Photos– PNG & JPEG
– Crop, rotate, resize, cut, copy, delete
Style: frame, frame colour
– Opacity options
Audio recording– Syncs to handwritten notes only (not text)
Speed up playback: 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x
– Slow down playback to 0.75x
– Rewinds/fast-forward 10s
– Name audio recordings
– Export audio
Scrolling– Continuous vertical & paged horizontal
– Pull to add new pages
Multitasking– Multiple tabs
– Multiple instances
PDF Annotation– Recognises hyperlinks
– Deactivates hyperlinks when writing over them
– Bookmark pages
– Add page layer
– Uses all writing tools
OCR– Only searches through scans
OCR Languages– System language
iPadOS Support– False dark mode changes the app’s user interface only
– Multiple instances
– Drag & drop
– Scribble
Presentation Mode– Present without showing the user interface
– Split view to see your notes while presenting
Laser pointer: dot/trail, four colour options
Collaboration– None
Universal Search– Searches through notebook titles only
Unique features– Page layers
– Universal tags
– Nested outlines
– 16:9 and 4.3 presentation pages
Exporting Formats: PDF, Native Noteful, image,
Settings– Auto backup to Google Drive only
Noteful specifications


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