Notablity 8.0


Notability added handwriting recognition capabilities. OCR in Notability is as accurate as of the one in Nebo (the leading handwriting recognition note-taking app for the iPad). You can convert your handwriting to text. Select some notes > tap middle of selection > convert to text. You can choose your language from the 13 listed. The list will surely grow with time. 

You can convert selection which will look according to the settings of your text tool. You can then customise the text according to how you want it to look. You can search through your handwriting and the app highlights the terms it finds.


By far the coolest feature: Note Switcher. You can split view within the app, allowing you to open two notes side-by-side. You can access your most recently opened notes, without leaving your current notes. Simply swipe to the right to bring up the Note switcher on the left side of the screen. Exiting my notes to look for another on the homepage now seems like a hassle. 

When you bring up the Note Switcher, each note has a three-dot icon. Tapping on it gives you options to add a new note to the left or right side of the current notes. 

Tap the blue bar in the middle of the split-view to resize each section to any ratio you want within the 25-75 % range.

You can scroll both sides simultaneously and write on the activate split. Tap a split window with your finger to activate it. The blue border around the notes indicates the active window.  Each active window can use all the full features of the app. The inactivate window is only a display until you activate it. You can search the activate window. Which is awesome, because you know which document you’re searching. Notability only searches the active document, eliminating any confusion that could arise from search the two opened documents. 

You can easily swap the windows of your notes. Swipe right on the left side of your screen to bring up the Note switcher > tap on three-dot icon > switch

When you split-view your iPad screen, the in-app split-view within Notability is not affected. You can have three documents open on your iPad pro! Plus the overlay windows; that is some next level multitasking!!!

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