Notability 9.4: What’s new?

Notability’s developers mostly focused on audio improvements in this update, but there is a lot more to be excited about.

Mouse support improvements

The mouse pointer now supports the different tools on the toolbar. It make tutorials in the app easier to follow. When we are talking about the eraser, you can see it. The mouse pointer is responding much better as well.

Audio recording improvements

Your audio timeline now shows the different audio recordings you have in your notes, using stamps to indicate when a different recording started. 

They have improved the tool to give you more control over your audio recordings. You can rename them for better organisation and catalogue. We requested, they delivered.

You can split the audio to cut out sections you don’t need. You can playback the audio in this window to see the sections you want excluded. You then get split one and split two, which you can merge into one. You can merge your audio recordings now, as well as, reorder them. Simply drag and reposition

Sticky notes and text boxes improvements

You can now add colours to your sticky and text notes; the same colours you have for your pen tool. You can add your own custom colours too.

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