Notability 9.3: Presentation mode

Notability added an option to style text boxes; false advertising. They removed the background paper template from sticky notes (thus creating the text box’). When you tap to style the text box, the app selects the text in the text box for customisation. That is not customising text boxes! They should have said ‘customising the text in text boxes’. 

Notability has called this update Presentation Mode. 

They’ve made subtle changes to the user interface, which slightly improves the app’s functionality. They:

  • changed the settings icon to a three-dot icon. 
  • added a view tab for switching between vertical and horizontal scrolling.
  • Improved navigation: the navigation bar looks different now and we can skip pages. Tap and type the page number you want to go to. 

Notability added presentation mode without a dedicated icon. Their devotion to minimalism is impressive. 

Presentation mode only activates when you mirror your screen (airplay) or connect your iPad to an HDMI cable. In Presentation mode, your audience doesn’t see your user interface; they only see your notes (allowing them to focus on what’s important). The laser pointer appears on your toolbar when you activate Presentation mode. Horizontal scrolling can display complete pages when presenting your work. 

In presentation mode, the in-app split view is terrific. It allows you to have a presentation window (for your audience) and another one for you alone. You can easily switch between the windows. 

We thank GoodNotes for introducing Presentation Mode to handwriting note-taking apps. It is completely changing the way we do presentations, and I, for one, am wanting to pursue a career in teaching. Just so I can use this tech! 

What do you guys think about this presentation mode in Notability? Could note-taking apps potentially replace PowerPoint apps? Which app do you prefer to use for your presentations? 

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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