Notability 9.2.3

Exporting notes as images

Notability now exports notes as Jpeg or PNG. Exporting images is better than exporting Rich Text Format (RTF). Considering, Notability is primarily a handwriting note-taking app, RTF is not a convenient exporting format.

You can now share your images directly, not as a zip file. When they first introduced this feature on the 19th of January, we could only export our images as zip files. Not all apps can unzip files, Notability itself included. On the 29th they rectified that, allowing us to share our images directly without zipping them. 

Adding multiple images to your notes

Simply tap on as many images as you need. Once they are added, you can then drag them where you want them on your page. I never thought this could ever be something I need. Now that it’s here, I am not sure how I ever lived without it.  

The pink guidelines for positioning images/diagrams in Notability are very useful. I have taken them for granted so I thought we’ll take a second to appreciate them. Just mention them in passing.

Erase just the highlighter only

Without a dedicated icon! I love the way Notability adds features without adding more icons to the app. Its minimalist approach to note-taking is refreshing. My love for Notability grows deeper everyday! 

To erase highlights from a highlighted section, select the option to erase per stroke. The first stroke your eraser makes will automatically erase just the highlight only. The second stroke will then erase the ink. 

Note: this doesn’t work with the eraser that erases per pixel. It only works with the stroke eraser. 

Add scanned documents as images

You can now choose to add your scans as a PDF or images. How is that different from taking adding photos to your notes?

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