Notability 9.0

Notability finally supports any kind of shape now, without a dedicated shapes tool! It is the simplest way to add shapes offered by any note-taking app. You don’t have to select and deselect a shapes tool; just draw your shape, and long-press like you do with straight lines.

Tap on the shape, with your finger, to style it. You can then adjust the stroke thickness and colour. You can choose the fill colour for the shape. I hope we can change the opacity for the fill colour in the future. In the meantime, if you want a transparent shape, you can just use the highlighter

You can duplicate, cut, copy and delete the shape. You can change its size and even rotate it. Notability officially has a better shapes tool than GoodNotes. 

They also improved PNG images. The white square background Notability had been adding to PNG files was annoying. Before this update, we had to adjust our image sizes using the text tool. Now, you can simply tap on an image and edit. 

We can rotate our images now! The caption doesn’t turn though. Bright side: we can now add captions to our photos in Notability! Resizing the image affects the caption too. We can also crop images in the writing window. No more going to another window. 

You can now choose the size of your eraser; twelve sizes, they’ve added to the app. You can still erase per stroke but, for those that complained, you can to erase per pixel too. The eraser is very smooth; it feels as good as the writing tools in the app. 

Lastly, they added dotted page templates. I am happy for those that use dotted pages. This update is okay. But there are still a lot of issues that need to be dealt with, especially as far as page customisation is concerned. 

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