Notability 10.0: what’s new?

Notability just released a major update, a few days after GoodNotes released theirs. When we did our 2020 wish list for GoodNotes, one of you guys suggested these note-taking apps create shops within their apps. Instead of resorting to a subscription model. In this update, Notability has done exactly that. The Notability shop sells:

More inking tool options

They have added dashed and dotted brushes to their inking and highlighter tools. These will make our notes more exciting. They have moved our pen types to the bottom of the popup window and relabelled our custom colours with hearts (instead of dots). 

Favourites toolbar

We can now save our favourite pens, highlighters and erasers for easier access when writing notes in the app. The favourites toolbar is mobile. It can go to the top, bottom, right or left side of your screen. It disappears when using the text tool and when you deactivate your Apple Pencil. You can change your favourites’ settings after you’ve saved them. Removing your favourite tools from the favourites toolbar is a tap away. You can close the favourites toolbar and easily bring it back (bottom left corner).

Arrows and curved lines

Notability now supports arrows and curved lines! Your arrow heads are always closed though. We look forward to having open arrows too.


Don’t confuse these with sticky notes. You can add the stickers you purchase from the Notability shop using the plus icon > stickers. They are PNG images. Naturally, all their editing options are similar to those for your images. You can: 

  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Add captions
  • Crop
  • Wrap text around them
  • Cut, copy & delete 
  • Save your favourite stickers for easier navigation. 

Notability 10.0 still does not improve our page customisation in the app. Will this make you switch to another note-taking app?

  1. I was really happy with Notabilities upgrade. I too hope they can generate enough income from the “in app” purchase in order keep away from the dreaded “subscription” model. I have lost many apps because of it because I can’t justify a monthly fee.

    Thanks again for your update info. I have tried other note taking apps and ALWAYS come back to noteability. I wish zoomnotes wasn’t so complicated because I like many of the “ruler” features etc. Glad Notability finally gave us “snap” curves and arrows.

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!

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