Nebo: Videos & Photos

Screenshot showing the text formatting options in Nebo. The page is divided into two columns.
Create headings in Nebo
Nebo logo with some pens on the right side of the photos and a keyboard on the left. In Nebo, you can take notes with a stylus and keyboard.
Nebo logo
Screenshot showing how it is possible to mix handwriting and text into the same sentence, paragraph and even words, in Nebo.
Handwriting and text can mix in Nebo, into the same sentence, word or paragraph.
Screenshot showing the homepage in Nebo. On the left, it shows Notebooks. These are folders that contain Pages (where you can then write your notes.
Homepage in Nebo showing folders (Notebooks) containing notes (pages) in Nebo
Screenshot showing a flowchart drawn and convert to text in Nebo.
Create flowcharts in Nebo
Screenshot showing a paragraph with handwriting and text mixed together. Nebo treats them both the same.
You can type your notes in Nebo
A screenshot showing a flowchart or mind map created in Nebo.
Create mind maps in your notes
Screenshot showing the conversion of some complex Maths equation in Nebo. It also shows
Convert Math and Chemical equations in Nebo

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