Nebo Version 3: What’s New?

Nebo version 3

Nebo 3.0

MyScript released Nebo 3.0 on December 10th last year. We ended 2020 with a ‘new visual identity for Nebo‘. Our developers improved the app’s user interface and updated the logo. They also changed the text font in the app to improve its readability.

Version 3.0 also introduced a PDF Pack in their Nebo Store that lets us import PDFs into the app. At the time of its release, this feature was incomplete. We couldn’t interact with our PDFs in anyway, so we waited. 

Nebo 3.1

A few weeks ago, we got another update that added more functions for our PDF reading in the app. In addition to PDFs, we can now also import Word and PowerPoint documents. Nebo, like any other note-taking app, converts them PDF first. In Nebo 3.1, you can annotate your PDFs. 

For those of us that love Nebo and wanted all their documents in the app, this might just do the trick. You now get a highlighter for annotating your PDFs. It has six fixed sizes and uses the same colours as your pen tool. Your highlighter goes behind your text, which is not the most ideal highlighting option. Highlighters behind text look better because they make your notes pop out.

You can now annotate your documents with your pen tool. The lasso tool can help you move items around, but you can’t resize or rotate it. You can zoom in into your document to add more information on the page. The app doesn’t have a wide zooming range though. The eraser can now erase per stroke and per pixel (labelled Precise) and it comes with six fixed sizes.

When you export your annotated PDFs, the app doesn’t convert your annotations to text. We feel like most people wanted this annotation feature so they could convert their annotations to text. That is a technology we haven’t seen anywhere yet and we doubt we’ll be seeing it anytime soon. But hey, we could be pleasantly surprised.

Importing files into the app was a highly requested feature on our 2020 wish list, which we’ll be reviewing soon. I (personally) never understood why importing documents into Nebo was so important to a lot of people, because Nebo is just not that kind of app. It’s great, however, that our developers listened. We just have one question for everyone that requested this feature: are you happy now? We just feel it has opened a lot more problems than it actually solved though.

For one, Nebo doesn’t support multiple instances. If the idea to have PDF annotation was to keep all your documents in one place, how are you going to use multiple documents without multiple instances? We’ll be optimistic about this, but Nebo’s annotation is only good on a few pages (not on large PDFs). It’s a new feature so we’ll look, wait and see what more our developers have in store for us.

Nebo is starting to move towards becoming more than just the best handwriting conversion engine for your iPad. We’re excited to witness that unfold. 

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!