Nebo: All the gestures

Nebo has a lot of gestures. Let’s go through each one, as they make it easier to work through the application. 

  1. Underline it twice to create an H1 heading.
  2. Underline once for a subheading.
  3. Underline words to make them bold for emphasis.
  4. Draw a circle/square around a section you want to highlight.
  5. Select (circle or square) a highlighted section again to remove the highlight. 
  6. Draw a line from top to bottom to separate words, sentences or paragraphs.
  7. Draw line from bottom to top to combine words, sentences or paragraphs.  
  8. To erase a word, strikeout or scribble over it. 
  9. To change the colour of your paragraph; tap on it, and tap the colour you want. 


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