Nebo: All the gestures

iPad pro showing Nebo (a note-taking app) for the iPad

Nebo has a lot of gestures. Let’s go through each one, as they make it easier to work through the application. 

  1. Underline twice to create an H1 heading.
  2. Underline once for a subheading.
  3. Underline words to make them bold for emphasis.
  4. Draw a circle/square around a section to highlight.
  5. Select (circle or square) a highlighted section again to remove the highlight. 
  6. Draw a line from top to bottom to separate words, sentences or paragraphs.
  7. Draw a line from bottom to top to combine words, sentences or paragraphs.  
  8. To erase a word, strikeout or scribble over it. 
  9. To change the colour of your paragraph; tap on it and choose the colour you want. 
  10. To create space between paragraphs, long-press on a line with two fingers and drag it as necessary.
  11. Double-tap an empty space of your diagram to enlarge the diagram space (make sure all your drawings are converted or set as doodle first).

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!