Nebo 2.6: What’s new?

Nebo 2.6 has been out for a week now. Let’s see what they’ve added. 

Customisation for line spacing

You can adjust your font size, from 12 to 24 and your line spacing. Nebo gives you a small window to try out your new settings, making sure you are satisfied with your adjustments before exiting. It saves time wasted going back and forth between settings and the app.

Multi-level lists

Multi-level lists have been challenging to create in Nebo, until now! They added an indentation tool. You can also indent paragraphs. Nebo continues to add new features without adding more icons to the app. Minimalism and simplicity are trending; Nebo developers know that. 

Improved block reordering 

Simply pick a paragraph and move it between two sections. For those times, when you have an afterthought to switch paragraphs. Before you had to copy & paste but now, you can move your paragraphs around with minimal effort.

Vertical space between notes

Creating a new paragraph with their paragraph gesture worked, but they improved it! Long press on a line with two fingers to add space between paragraphs. Ever since Apple Notes and OneNote introduced this feature, most of us want it in every app now, with good reason. Digital note-taking is all about convenience and flexibility! Creating new space between notes is as flexible as it gets.

Smarter recognition

They have also improved their handwriting conversion, but there’s no way to quantify that in a few days. 

We are in touch with the Nebo developers, and they continue to assure us that they are going through our wish list to improve their app every day. This is evidence enough. Which update excited you the most from this update? 

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