Kyoku Flashcards: Specifications

Type of appFlashcards app
Age Rating4+
DeveloperDavid Cordero
Privacy Policy
App Support
App PrivacyData Not Collected
Supported OS– iPadOS 14.0 or later
– iOS 14.0 or later
– macOS 11.0
Size4.3 MB
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Storage Used7 MB for 148 flashcards
Organisation– Folder & decks
User Interface– Simple
– Mobile toolbar (Apple PencilKit) that you can minimise
Flashcards– Landscape
– White
Templates: plain, grids, lined, dotted, music
– No line spacing options
Writing toolsType: raster, ballpoint pen & pencil tool
Sizes: 5, fixed
– Opacity: 0-100
Colours: infinite custom options on a secondary toolbar
Zoom tool– No zoom tool, but you can zoom in on cards
Text– Doesn’t support text
Highlighter– Behind ink
– Similar options to the pen tool
Eraser– Per stroke/pixel
Sizes: variable
Lasso tool– Cut, copy, delete, duplicate
– Change colour
– Insert space between notes
Items added to notes– Images only
Shapes– No shapes support yet
– Ruler tool can help
Photos– Supports PNG photos
– One image per card side
– Resize
– No rotation
ReviewLeitner system for spaced repetition
– Draft section to write answers during review
– Skip cards
– Shuffle cards
– Change review direction
– Grade cards: hard, medium and easy
MultitaskingType: multiple instances, split view, slide over
iPadOS Support– True dark mode
Search– None
Unique features– Draft
– Handwrite flashcards
– Music paper templates
Exporting Formats: images & PDF
Settings– Manual backup
Kyoku Flashcards: specifications

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