GoodNotes specifications

Type of appHandwriting note-taking,
Age Rating4+
DeveloperTime Base Technology Limited
Privacy policy
App support
App PrivacyData not linked to you: identifiers, usage data, diagnostics
Supported OS– iPadOS 13.0 or later
– iOS 13.0 or later
– macOS 10.15 or later
Price– Free trial (get 3 notebooks for free)
$7.99 in-app, one-time & universal purchase one-time
Size274.3 MB
LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
Storage Used762.2 MB for 23 notebooks
Organisation Folders within folders (unlimited levels)
User Interface– 2 toolbars
PagesSizes: A3-A7, Letter, Tabloid, GoodNotes Standard
Orientation: portrait & landscape
Colours: yellow, white, dark
Templates: Essentials, writing papers, planner and music. Here is a full list of all the paper templates in GoodNotes.
– Different page templates in one notebook
– Use custom templates
– Edit multiple pages
– Proper page rotation
– Excellent page editing options
Writing tools– Vector ink
Type: fountain, brush & ball pens
Sizes: 0.1-2.0mm
– No opacity options
Colours: only 3 colours on the toolbar, unlimited options though
– No favourites toolbar
Zoom tool– Auto-advance
– Has margin & navigation tools
– Can improve handwriting
TextInput: Scribble, Keyboard
– Text boxes only
– Many fonts & colours
– Use custom fonts
– 1 favourite text box style
– No lists
Text alignment: left, right, centre
Format: strikeout, bold, italic & underline
Line spacing: automatic, 1-200pt
Highlighter– Behind text
– 1.0-7.7mm
– No opacity options
– colours options similar to the pen tool
Eraser– Per stroke/pixel
– Erase highlighter only
Sizes: 3, fixed
– Auto-deselect
Lasso toolCan select everything on the page
– Cut, copy, delete, resize & rotate (simultaneously)
Style: change colour only
– Take screenshot
– Add Element to create a custom sticker
– Convert handwriting to text
– Does not move selections across pages
Items added to notes Images
– Scans
– Weblinks
ShapesRegular & irregular, arrows, curves
– Autofill can be different from border colour
Adjust: autofill colour, shape after drawing
Snap to other strokes
Photos– PNG, Jpeg
– Freehand cropping
– Resize & rotate simultaneously
– Stretch & shrink
Scrolling– Vertical, horizontal
– Manually add new pages
MultitaskingType: split view, multiple instances, tabs, slide over
– Learn more about multitasking in GoodNotes.
PDF AnnotationRecognises: hyperlinks, table of contents
– Deactivate hyperlinks when using the Apple Pencil to handwrite notes
– Create outlines & bookmarks
OCR– Convert handwriting to text
– 17 Supported languages
– Search through handwritten notes & scans
– Organised search results
OCR LanguagesEnglish (US & UK), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish,
iPadOS Support– False dark mode changes app’s user interface only
– Multiple instances
– Drag & drop
– Scribble
Presentation Mode– Hide user interface
Laser pointer: Point, Tail
Laser pointer colours: Red
– Reference window
Collaboration– No GoodNotes account is required
– Invite via link
– Highlight pages where changes have been made
– Receive notifications when someone changes your document
– Collaborate on notebooks only
Universal Search– On the homepage
– Search through handwritten notes & scan
– Organise search results: written notes, PDFs, document outlines,
– Can’t search specific folders
Unique featuresTwo-way collaboration
Create custom outlines
Exporting Formats: PDF (flattened & editable), Images (individuals/zipped), GoodNotes, Link
– Export page background
– Exclude annotations
– Export active hyperlinks. More about exporting notes out of GoodNotes.
SettingsAuto backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,
Auto backup formats: Native, PDF, Native & PDF
Backup specific folders, files
– Cancel/Pause backup
– Backup queue
GoodNotes specifications

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