GoodNotes 5 iPadOS support

GoodNotes 5 is the second note-taking app to support iPadOS 13, after ZoomNotes (they released their update a few days back). Here’s what they have added for us:

Dark mode

It looks great. Especially because the app already had that dark blue theme. The app also added dark mode paper templates to their templates library. These still need some work though; they don’t even have squared paper yet. Dark mode is very good for our eyes. It helps prevent eye strain.

Now you get three paper template colours in GN5; white, yellow and dark. We are still to see how feasible it is to be productive in dark mode (as far as note taking is concerned).

Split view

I can feel Notability shrinking into the distance. I hope they have something up their sleeve for a come back!

This split view mode allows you to open the same document twice in GoodNotes 5! In split view, the app still supports tabs. You can now open many documents at once.

To open a tab in a new window, tap the split view icon on the right side of the tab. Or simply drag and drop the tab. Split view still works with the 25%, 50% and 75% split view ratios.

Some finger gestures

With 3 fingers, swipe to the left to undo. To redo, swipe to the right.

Use 2 fingers to select items on the homepage; a familiar gesture used in some apps to navigate through pages. Very useful when selecting a lot of documents. The gesture only works in the list layout of your documents. It doesn’t work when your documents are in the thumbnail layout.

Scanning documents

This feature just made scanning apps obsolete! Scanning in the app is very easy. The ability to scan documents into documents you’re working on just made the iPad an awesome productivity tool!

The best part about this scanning feature is you get to search the text in your scan! When scanning, make sure you scan your paper upright (depending on what mode your iPad is in). OCR is not working on rotated pages. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

App updates are very exciting. They continuously unlock new possibilities on what we can achieve with our technology.

Not to sound ungrateful, but, when are we going to have automatic backup in GN5!?

The GoodNotes team didn’t release this update for GN4. I guess they’ve given up on GN4. It’s sad because some people are still using it. Seeing GN5 is still incomplete.


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