GoodNotes improves how you do presentations

I was in App Store, minding my own business. Then I saw an update, from GoodNotes. Ropsie being who she is, she just had to check it out. So I did.
“Introducing Presentation mode,” it read.

First impression: I rolled my eyes. GoodNotes still doesn’t support automatic backup. Which I would argue should be their top priority. They also promised us audio recording months ago. Yet they release an update for presentations!

They did this for very good reasons. All professors and students will love this. All professionals that do presentations will like this!

This little new addition to GoodNotes tools works with the Apple Pencil. When I first saw it, I paused for a sec, thinking I would need to buy those laser pointers used in presentations. I cracked my head, trying to justify why I would buy that. Besides just doing one video, once, and never to use it again.

Before rushing out to buy a laser pointer, I did what any normal human being would do. I tried it with the Apple Pencil first! It worked!

Simply tap on it to get two options; a dot and a trail. This is soo cool! #featuretoocool

Once you have selected the option you prefer, go to share and decide what you want your audience to see! The entire screen, mirror presenter page (which doesn’t show the user interface but show your audience exactly what you have on your screen) or the full page.

Excellent work GoodNotes team!

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Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!

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