GoodNotes 5.6.0: What’s New?

iPad pro showing digital notes created in GoodNotes using an Apple Pencil and a cup of coffee on a white IKEA table

A month after releasing GoodNotes 5.5, GoodNotes has just released another update: GoodNotes 5.6. Let’s find out what’s new. 

Improved Shapes Tool 

You no longer need to tap the shapes tool to draw shapes in GoodNotes! Just draw and hold, exactly the way you do it in Notability. When we did our wishlist for GoodNotes, some of you wanted ‘a shapes tool like the one in Notability’. That was highly specific, we thought. They delivered. You can even draw shapes with your highlighter tool now, something you couldn’t do in GoodNotes 5. You can do the following with your shapes in GoodNotes:

  • Tap on it to select
  • Adjust points in your shape to change the shapes.
  • Resize and rotate the shape. The resizing and reshaping part is fairly simple. Rotating, however, not so much. We are still relying on the lasso tool to rotate our shapes. 
  • Draw perfect shapes with multiple strokes and auto-fill them.
  • Change auto-fill colour only.
  • Move shapes around without the lasso tool.

Support for Curved Lines

You can now draw curved lines in GoodNotes. When you draw arrowheads on your curved lines, they snap to the lines. Curved lines and arrowheads go well together.

You can disable this Draw and Hold feature in the pen tool options. You can also turn off Hold and Snap and Fill Color.

GoodNotes is not releasing a dedicated update for full iPadOS 14 support in the app. Find out more.

You can now draw perfect shapes with multiple strokes in GoodNotes, thanks to the snap to other strokes feature. You can then select and edit your shapes as a whole instead and not the single lines. Notability could take some notes on this one. GoodNotes can also auto-fill a shape that you draw with multiple strokes.

Improved Text Tool

The GoodNotes developers have decided to give their text tool some much-needed attention. The text tool is GoodNotes’ worst feature and we are glad they are doing something about it. 

They have made styling options more accessible. Your fonts, font size, alignment, colour, text box styles and favourites text styles are now on the toolbar. It makes editing text in the app a lot easier. What’s new for our text tool?

  • Double-tap on a text box to start typing.
  • Strikeout feature and navigation arrows on the keyboard.
  • Support for custom fonts. GoodNotes has not been supporting custom fonts since iPadOS 14, they have fixed that in this update.
  • Adjust line spacing for your text.
  • Preset text box styles.
  • Tap text box for editing. The app gives you options to copy, delete or edit. This will let you edit the text box without bringing up the keyboard. It is very thoughtful of our developers. The keyboard can be a bit annoying, especially if you only want to edit your text and not type notes. 
  • More customisation options for the text box:
    • Rounded corners if you don’t like the sharp ones.
    • Add a shadow. It looks better on light papers, you know, shadows being dark and all.

They’ve moved Save as Default to a different icon (with a heart on it). This is definitely an indication that they are still working on this. We are certainly looking forward to having the ability to save multiple favourite text templates in GoodNotes.

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!