GoodNotes 5.4.0

A year after releasing GoodNotes 5, they have finally added automatic backup to the app. We’ve been waiting a long time for this.

Time Base Technology Ltd added automatic backup and still left us with the option to manually backup our documents in the app. I thought they were just going to replace manual backup.

When you turn on auto backup, you are asked to sign in to a Cloud service of your choice (Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive). I backed up to Google Drive. It has 15GB free, of course I did!

You can:

  • name your Destination Folder
  • choose to backup as PDFs, GoodNotes file or both
  • exclude some folders or files containing certain words
  • view folders that are queueing (waiting in-line) for backup
  • empty the queue to stop backing up your notes
  • pause the backup

This is a huge improvement from the auto backup in GoodNotes 4. You have more control on what and how you backup your notes in GoodNotes 5. 

However, if you prefer backing up to Box, you still have to wait a bit for your good news. Box is still missing in GoodNotes 5’s Cloud service options. 

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