Everything you need to know about Microsoft To Do
Get Things Done

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a free Get Things Done app that anyone with a Microsoft account can use, on any device.

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Introduction to ClickUp
Project management

Introduction To ClickUp

ClickUp is a cloud-based Get Things Done app that rules them all. Cloud-based means it works online with very limited (close to dysfunctional) offline

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Things 3 is a to-do list app for the iPad, Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch.
To-do list

Things 3 for the iPad

PROS CONS 7/10 Pricing & supported OS Things 3 is a to-do list app that is available for your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and

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iPad pro showing Google Keep with a cup of black coffee on the table, showing the ultimate minimalist setup for digital productivity

Google Keep for iPad

Google Keep is a simple, minimalist note-taking and planning app by Google. It is definitely worth giving a try and here is why.

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Get Things Done

Agenda for the iPad (2021)

SpecificationsReviewVideos & Photos Updates PROS Works with Apple Calendar & Apple Reminders Dated-based notes Supports tables Hyperlink your notes Keep features you have already

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