Agenda 12.0

Agenda 12.0 came out a few weeks ago. Let’s go through the new premium features they’ve added in this update. 


You can now add tables in Agenda. Tables are very important when creating notes because they offer a simple way of presenting data. When you create a table in the app, you get a 2 x 2 table to which you can then add as many rows and columns as you need. Let’s hope in the future we’ll be able to drag the edges of the table to add columns and rows or use the indentation tool. Tapping on the three dots icon every time when adding new cells to your table feels a bit cumbersome. 

Your table columns have a fixed width, which makes the table look symmetrical. Your rows’ height, however, depends on how much information you add to each cell. Adding text to your table is easy, a simple tap and you can start typing. In your tables, you can make your text: 

  • Bold
  • Italic 
  • Underline
  • Strikeout

And you can add code, superscripts and subscripts to your tables. You can also align the text in your columns. 

Horizontal Rules

They have added a horizontal rule feature. These are useful for organizing your notes. 


Agenda 11.0 introduced Upcoming widgets for the app and they continued improving the widget through to this update. Now it’s called the Relevant Notes widget. It has three sizes and it now shows more than just your upcoming events. You can choose to see:

  • All
  • On the Agenda
  • Today
  • Upcoming

This is not a big update, but it was certainly worth going through. Tables are a big thing for note-taking apps, we don’t have enough apps that support them.

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!